Vision / Mission

Last Updated: 10/20/2021 4:45 PM

Oldham County Schools Vision / Mission Arch

All Oldham County students supported by family, community, and schools participate in relevant engaging, quality learning tasks, in safe, well designed schools, guided by highly-skilled teachers and visionary leaders. Graduates pursue a life of continuous learning, contribute to their community, participate thoughtfully in the American democracy, and compete successfully in the local, national and international economy.

Society in the 21st Century is saturated with an abundance of information. Graduates of Oldham County Schools will be prepared to utilize vital information through a variety of media and technology tools in the workplace and at home.

To compete in a global economy, graduates of Oldham County Schools will possess thinking skills and problem solving strategies that equip them to excel as workers and maneuver through life’s challenges.

Graduates of Oldham County Schools will possess reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that enable them to be successful in a complex and competitive society.

Graduates of Oldham County Schools will be successful in the conceptual age because they will have experienced many opportunities to use their knowledge in ways that allow them to discover, design, and invent concepts and products.

Graduates of Oldham County Schools will have experienced ongoing opportunities to grow as leaders who are capable of serving at various levels in society.


Teachers in every Oldham County classroom provide an instructional program based on five essential areas listed below:

(What do students need to learn?)

  • More than 300 teachers have worked at the district level in subject area or grade level teams to create curriculum that is aligned with state and national standards for implementation in each Oldham County classroom.

(How will we engage them so they learn best?)

  • Oldham County teachers, with the help of literacy coaches at each school, are working with their Professional Learning Community colleagues to engage students daily with research based instructional strategies.
  • Teachers and staff at each Oldham County school have established a student-centered culture which is safe and responsive to the holistic needs of our students.

(How will we know when each student has learned?)

  • Teachers use powerful formative assessment strategies to measure the learning of each student daily at the classroom level.
  • The learning of our students is assessed and compared to the learning of students throughout Kentucky each year on the Kentucky Core Content Test (KCCT).
  • The learning of our students is also assessed and compared to the learning of students throughout our nation on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (grades 1-7), the EXPLORE (8th grade), the PSAT (9th grade), the PLAN (10th grade), and the ACT (11th grade).

(How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning?)

  • If any of the above assessments show that a student is experiencing difficulty in learning, teachers and school support staff intervene immediately using an intervention plan that consists of additional time and support for students.

(How will we respond when a student clearly has mastery of the learning standards?)

  • To ensure continuous progress, teachers and school staff will provide learning activities to enrich material and accelerate students when a student demonstrates mastery of content.