Dr. Radford's First 100 Days

Last Updated: 8/27/2021 5:14 PM

Oldham County Schools

To ensure a smooth transition between leadership, I will work to meet with key stakeholders during the first 100 days of my tenure as Superintendent of Oldham County Schools.  These communications will set the tone for my leadership style and integrate the Board’s vision with my vision for the students of Oldham County.

Within the first 30 days I will commit to meeting with:

Joyce Fletcher, OCBE ChairpersonDiscuss the operation of the Board, gain historical perspective, communication of emergencies, and any other events deemed to be worthy of notification.  Listen to hear what the Board finds important and what they would like for us to measure to determine success.  One important aspect of the conversation is the need to help schools develop and heighten the SEL programming for our staff and students.  Another important goal will be identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement when it comes to learning outcomes for ALL students. 


Listen to their input into the historical perspective of the district and hear their vision for the district. Discuss my vision, leadership, and communication style.  

Also, listen to their insight into what they find important to measure and report to the Board. 


Gain perspective on major initiatives, hear where they see the district going in the next five years, look at the strategic plan, and discuss direction and accomplishments thus far. Set weekly meetings, identify any other routines to keep in place and opportunities for improvement.


Listen to their concerns about the current state of the district.  What initiatives has the group been working on together, and what are the initiatives that they are working on as individual schools?  Discuss accountability and structure for reporting on the overall reading and math programs in the district. Listen to their requests of central office to help them meet their individual school goals and students’ transition into middle school.  Also, due to post-pandemic world, request further discussion on the social-emotional learning needs for staff and students, and how we can support them as a Board and staff at central office. 

Buckner Elementary School


Listen to their concerns of the current state of the district.  What initiatives has the group been working on together, and are their initiatives that they are working on as individual schools.  Discuss accountability and structure for reporting on the overall reading and math programs in the district.  Request ideas on what they need from central office to help students be successful in their transition to High School and after graduation (post-secondary and college prep). 

Also, due to post-pandemic world, request further discussion on the social-emotional learning needs for staff and students, and how we can support them as a Board and staff at central office.

North Oldham High School


After my initial meeting with our leadership team, principals, understanding the vision of the Board, and how that intersects with my own vision, I want to plan an annual retreat with our leadership team. This will be a time to discuss what we will focus on and how we must work together to be successful.  I want to plan activities that allow us to get to know each other at a personal level.  


I want to spend some time getting to know Ms. Anderson and wrapping my head around all of the budgetary items.  What pitfalls are coming in the following year due to the pandemic and SEEK issues.  I want to ensure we are on the same page with the Board on the percentage of contingency, and the percentage of staff and operations in relation to spending from the budget.  Ms. Anderson and I will be working together to support financial stability. And as superintendent I want to make sure we are working closely together to achieve the Board’s goals.


Discuss current legislation and bills that have passed.  This is a get to know activity to ensure I have a direct line to the leaders that represent Oldham County in Frankfort. 


Meet to discuss current political state in the county, discuss projects currently happening in the county that will affect the system.  Discuss road crews and snow days, how this works and how we can collaborate if roads not cleared in the morning.  Lay out our vision for the district and if we can schedule a quarterly meeting to stay in touch and build that relationship.  


Identify the influencers in the community and within the school organization.  They may be the silent leaders but leaders nonetheless. I will make sure to develop that relationship. There could be times we disagree but they need to know my heart for the district and ALL students. 


Before the first Board meeting, go over agenda and make sure this is how the Board wants it to work in the future.  Follow up call after the first meeting for reflection.  


I want to visit each school and meet with the principal to understand about the school and all that it is doing to support students. I also want to take a tour of the building with the principals. 


Oldham County Board of Education Central OfficeMeet with office staff and classified staff in order for me to introduce myself as a person and as a leader.  

It is important staff feel valued and spend time with the new superintendent. 



Create a video message introducing myself as superintendent to the community and share via social media


Spend some quality time with different departments and leaders introducing myself as a leader and as a person.  Discuss some of the initiatives that each department is working on and how we as a team can better support their work.


Second 30 days 

After getting input from where the district initiatives are from district leadership team and principals; create a communication that summarizes what I have learned and outlines some next steps.  


I want a quick reflection time to ensure the first Board meeting went as we had envisioned. Discuss the upcoming meeting if anything is coming up and improvements needed.  


Have people that you can call and talk about what is happening in the region.  I already have relationships with several district leaders.  However it is very important to develop regional relationships and for Oldham County to have a presence within the region. 


The purpose of this meeting will be to ensure I understand the current initiatives and focus of OVEC personnel and professional learning.  Dr. Mooneyhan has been at OVEC or a part of the OVEC region for 30 plus years.  He will be able to ensure I am up to speed on regional interests, political (state level) issues, and the role OVEC can play in helping Oldham become better.  I also want to leverage their learning from the pandemic and social-emotional supports.


Spend quality time talking about our vision and setting goals for the upcoming school year.  Identifying the best strategies that ensures we achieve our goals for the year.  We will consider doing a book study on a short book that will drive home the point and help all of us become better leaders.  The book will be chosen after my initial meetings with leadership and the Board.  These meetings will give me insight into the type of book we could study together.  There will be small group projects and time to get to know each other to ensure we are working together as a team. Also, it is critical to start the year off right.  


Have to spend time with transportation, food service, and other support staff to make sure they feel valued.  Could move to the first 30 if I have time.


Initiative update:  How many initiatives and where are they at each building.  What are next steps?


I want to establish a culture and lay out my plans for the district.  Seek their help in a positive message and being instrumental in their ability to be an influencer for the district. 


See what plans are for this day for the teachers and classified.  Visit schools with other district staff, be visible, and excited about students returning to school.

Oldham County School Bus with students



Final 40 Days

OCMS - Invest, Commit - Every Child. Every Day.In tandem with the appropriate level director, attend PLC meetings at each of the campuses during the first thirty days of school.  Have reflection time with each of the principals after the meeting.  This will be a good time to see what is happening and conversations that staff are having. 


I want to contact the commissioner personally.  We want to invite him in to see the great things we are doing in the district. 


Attend a game at each high school in the first month of school being open.  Get to know influential community leaders that attend the games including the booster leaders and other volunteer workers.  They have influence in their segment of the organization.