Major Roles of School Board & SBDM Councils

Last Updated: 10/20/2021 10:34 AM

Wondering about the difference in duties between the Oldham County Board of Education and SBDM (School-Based Decision Making) Councils? Here's a helpful graphic that breaks down some of the duties.


student  STUDENTS 

staff STAFF  

School Board

♦ Adopt the annual calendar, including professional development days & holidays

♦ Monitor district performance

♦ Develop district improvement plan

School Board

♦ Set graduation requirements

♦ Adopt discipline code for the district

♦ Adopt nonresident enrollment policies

School Board

♦ Hire and evaluate the superintendent

♦ Hire/contract with board attorney

♦ Establish job descriptions for all staff

School Council

♦ Select instructional materials and practices 

♦ Adopt school curriculum

♦ Develop school improvement plan to enhance student achievement

School Council

♦ Set and implement discipline practices for the school

♦ Assign student to classes within the school

♦ Determine schedule of school day

School Council

♦ Works with superintendent to hire school principal

♦ Decide number of people in each position in the school

♦ Assign staff time

money bag MONEY  

drama masks EXTRAS  

school buildingFACILITIES

School Board

♦ Impose local taxes and set district budget

♦ Set salary schedule for all district staff

♦ Allocate resources to each school

School Board


♦ Approve field trips and fundraisers

♦ Approve new extracurricular activities

School Board


♦ Manage district property, including renovation, construction and insurance

♦ Decide how school buildings are used after school hours by community groups

School Council


♦ Set the school budget

♦ Use funding from school board to purchase materials & other student support needs

School Council


♦ Select extracurricular activities offered at school

♦ Set participation requirements for extracurricular activities

School Council


♦ Adopt policies for use of the school building during the school day



We are fortunate to have dedicated people willing to serve our community.  #TeamOldham  

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