Camden's Soaring Eagles 2021 - 2022

Last Updated: 2/16/2022 4:10 PM

Please join me in honoring our latest Soaring Eagles!


Mrs. KernsMrs. Rebekah Kerns, 1st Grade Teacher

"We would love to give a huge shout of gratitude to our first-grade teacher, Mrs. Kerns!  It’s challenging to start teaching a new classroom midway through the school year.  However, she has flawlessly transitioned into the class and it’s obvious how invested she has already become with our students.   It warms my heart to see my child excitedly storm out the door each school morning to go to school.  It’s even more amazing how well the students have adjusted to having her join them for the remainder of the first-grade learning journey! Thank you, Mrs. Kerns!"


Mrs. KennedyMrs. Lindsay Kennedy, Music Teacher

"I just wanted to send a shout out to Mrs. Kennedy! Our kids are LOVING music class so much. Our littlest comes home singing and recalling an impressive number of details not just about music, but historical facts that are embedded in Mrs. Kennedy’s lessons as well. We are so glad she’s part of the Camden family and especially that she’s part of our kids’ childhood." 


Mrs. ClarkMrs. Susan Clark, Plant Operator

"I want to recognize Mrs. Susan Clark as a Soaring Eagle for all she does for our students.  I wanted to let you know just how special Ms. Susan has become to us. She always has a smile on her face. She knows me and both my daughters (only one of which goes to Camden) all by name and car in the carpool line. She has taken the time to get to know us. She makes our mornings better in the car rider line because of her kindness and happiness!! Thank you, Ms. Susan for your dedication to our school and our students!"

Mrs DearMrs. Karissa Dear, 3rd Grade Teacher
"This school year has been difficult for our son. Mrs. Dear has gone above and beyond our expectations to help and guide him. She implemented many strategies he needed into her classroom to help him, even before we requested anything formally. 
She has consistently encouraged him and cared for his heart in her classroom. His father and I are so grateful for her."


BohnMrs. Lauren Bohn, HSC-FA/STEM Teacher

"I just wanted to recognize a Camden staff member who has gone above and beyond for my student.  Mrs. Lauren Bohn stepped up to the plate to temporarily fill a position of lead teacher in the highly structured classroom.  She recognized the need for these kids to have a consistent routine and presence in the classroom during a time when it was needed.  She is wonderful with our student and he enjoyed her as his teacher.  I personally want to thank her for her consistent communication with parents and taking good care of my son while he’s at school.  We appreciate her!"


Mrs KennedyMrs. Lindsay Kennedy, Music Teacher

"I want to recognize Mrs. Lindsay Kennedy as a Soaring Eagle most recently because of her wonderful feedback she gave to my son.  She took the time to let me know how my son was doing in music class.  This letter absolutely made my day.  Too often I hear things from him like 'I got a happy note' which doesn't encompass the extent of the feedback I received from Mrs. Kennedy about his positive attitude and being an example.  Thank you to Mrs. Kennedy and all the teaching staff that take the time to provide a wonderful learning environment.  Her dedication to go above and beyond with the personal email means the world to me."

Mrs. Jodie Cullison, HSC-B Assistant

Cullison"I would really like to nominate Mrs. Jodie Cullison as a Soaring Eagle. She is amazing at her job. She is so kind and thoughtful with our students and always goes way out of her way to make sure that we are doing all that we can to help our fellas.  She is such an asset to our classroom and to Camden. We are lucky to have her on our team!"




DimitruMs. Haley Dumitru, 4th Grade Teacher

"We would like to nominate Ms. Haley Dumitru as a Soaring Eagle.  She is by far the most bubbly, friendly, caring, and helpful teacher. My daughter adores her and we as a family appreciate her love for the children as well as the positivity and kindness she exudes! Thank you, Ms. Dumitru for your care and concern for all kids!" 


MaggardMr. Jeff Maggard, Cafeteria Manager

"I want to honor Mr. Jeff Maggard as a Soaring Eagle for all he does for our kids and their health and nutrition.  So often when we think about school operations, we forget that there is a staff of people responsible for feeding most students twice daily.  This is a HUGE undertaking! Mr. Jeff does this daily with a smile and lots of patience.  Most recently, he was short staffed and ran the breakfast and lunch line completely on his own! He knows almost all students by name (and sometimes even their lunch numbers) and always makes them feel cared for while encouraging healthy eating habits.  Thank you, Mr. Jeff for making our cafeteria a friendly and inclusive place for students to get the nutrition they need!"


OsbornMs. Kate Osborn, 2nd Grade

"I would like to nominate Ms. Kate Osborn as a Soaring Eagle because of her dedication to all kids, even when they're not physically in her classroom.  My daughter had to go into quarantine and by last night, I had already received an email with specific directions, plans and times to meet virtually with our student. The at-home school plans are phenomenal, even including links to books and anchor charts.  My wife and I are extremely impressed.  Thank you, Ms. Osborn for ensuring that our child continues to learn, even while at home." 


ThomasMrs. Laura Thomas, 3rd Grade

I wanted to nominate Mrs. Laura Thomas, 3rd grade teacher as a Soaring Eagle. Our student is transitioning back to in person school this year after being VLA the full year for 2nd grade. I had so many concerns about how she would adapt. Mrs. Thomas has been so great in communicating how she is doing. It means a lot to know that she cares so much for her growth and development. She has been a great addition to the Camden family."


HazlettMrs. Erica Hazlett, School Nurse
"Nurse Erica Hazlett has always gone above and beyond for our kids.  She knows how to get them to take their meds, what kind of incentive, water, or other drink each kid needs.  She can tell when they are really sick and need to go home, just have some anxiety, or need a little extra attention.  This year, however, she has an infinitely more challenging job with all the contact tracing, answering parents quarantine questions, tracking who is in the building.  Way to go Nurse Erica!  We appreciate you!"


DoyleMrs. Jessica Doyle, 1st Grade
"I wanted to raise Mrs. Doyle up as a great example of a teacher going above and beyond for her students. Our first grader absolutely adores Mrs. Doyle, and every day comes home with so much excitement to tell us about all the new things Mrs. Doyle taught him and his class. He has a very strong appetite for learning, and Mrs. Doyle has promoted that appetite and continues to let it grow every single day. She's reached out to us directly to let us know that she is working on differentiated learning strategies to help keep him engaged and challenged with the material, which is a personal touch that we could not be happier with. That extra effort is already evident just a few weeks into the school year as every day he tells us something that he is so excited to have learned (whether it's telling us what 'scarcity' means, teaching us about volcanoes at the dinner table, or running through math problems with us). 
We know that Mrs. Doyle pours the same level of care and passion into each of her students, and every single one of them is stronger and better because of it. Because of this, we want to recognize Mrs. Doyle for all that she has done and continues to do. Thank you, Mrs. Doyle!" 


Hollis"I would like to recognize Mrs. Hollis. My 1st grader is so excited about learning and seeing her each day. She has been extra kind and flexible with our ever-changing covid environment. She goes above and beyond to see her students are cared for even outside school hours. We are so grateful we have her."




MaurerMs. Pat Maurer, Eagles' Nest Director

"We would like to nominate Ms. Pat as a Soaring Eagle. She goes above and beyond to provide exceptional experiences for the students in Eagles' Nest.  Her dedication to ensuring EN is a safe environment is particularly appreciated during these challenging times. It is reassuring to know the kids are in great hands and given opportunities they genuinely look forward to. Her genuine care for the students was evidenced when she remembered my son's birthday and made him feel special on his big day. A big thank you to Ms. Pat and her amazing staff for all their work for the students at Camden Station. "


GoodrichMrs. Catrisa Goodrich, School Counselor

"I’d like to acknowledge Ms. Goodrich as a Soaring Eagle.  She goes above and beyond to help students and families.  She spent extra time to chat with me and help Camden Station continue to be the best educational institution for our kiddos.  I truly feel like she’s a tool in our tool belt for success and I know she truly cares! Thank you Ms. Goodrich for all you do for our students!"