Lindsay Kennedy

Last Updated: 3/25/2020 2:35 PM
Lindsay Kennedy 

Lindsay Kennedy is the director of the Oldham County Children's Choirs at the Arts Center. She teaches three ensembles for grades kindergarten-8th grade. Kennedy is a singer and pianist.  Shas a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Michigan State University.

Lindsay has taught elementary school music and middle school choir in Minneapolis/St. Paul. She also has 14 years’ experience teaching early childhood music at Michigan State University Community Music School, MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis, and OCSAC.  Kennedy was Music Director for two "KIDS" musicals at OCSAC: "Annie" and "Magic Treehouse: The Knight at Dawn".

Lindsay has high expectations for her students, she said:

“As far as my teaching style, I have high expectations for my students to be musicians who always strive to improve, and always strive to be an encouraging team member as part of an ensemble.  I offer opportunities for learning and growth each week through learning about breath support, tone quality, music theory, and involving them in ear training, sight singing, and a varied repertoire of choral literature.  Equally important is for the singers to find opportunities in choir to connect with the music and with each other, as we work together to create beautiful music. I encourage students to find confidence in their solo singing voice as well, by providing what I call a "Safe Place" in my rehearsals to try singing by themselves.  One of my favorite quotes is this one from Cheryl Lavender: The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children."  Children's Choir is all about the singing, but it's all about the heart as well.“

In Kennedy’s free time she likes to run and spend time with her husband and four children.