Shae Goodlett

Last Updated: 3/25/2020 3:09 PM
Shae Goodlet's illustrated cover of The Meatshower book

Shae Goodlett teaches cartooning, illustration, and printmaking classes and camps for the Arts Center. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting from Bellarmine University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art drawing. He works in pen and ink illustration, digital and traditional media.

Some of Shae’s works include:

-The Meatshower, Illustrator, 2019,Earlyworks Press

-Graphic designer for nationally sponsored podcasts: What's Next with Eric Wood; Finding Center with Nick Hardwick

-Current work on display at: New Works, MFA curated exhibition, Rowan St. Gallery

Shae describes his teaching style as exploratory. Goodlett said: “My teaching method concerns itself with the exploration and experimentation of traditional and contemporary illustration media. My classes are structured so that students have the opportunity to become familiar with various methods of drawing, so they feel comfortable to experiment and push their own boundaries as an artist. I would hope that my students would be self-driven and willing to take artistic risks in order to grow in their own practice. I constantly remind my students that Illustration can and SHOULD be as fun as it is intuitive.”

In his spare time, Shae likes to create designs for merchandise, draw, drink coffee and watch football.