AP World History

Last Updated: 5/20/2019 2:07 PM

The AP World History course is intended for students who display advanced analytical skills and writing abilities. The course is a rigorous analysis of human societies from the earliest human activity through the present. It is comprehensive study of change over time and continuous political, economic, and social/cultural dynamics, and comparative relationships of human interactions from a global perspective. The AP World History course is inclusive of all regions and parts of the world and includes a multitude of perspectives from numerous primary and secondary sources, as well as accepted College Board revisionists accounts. In addition, the course demands that students regularly write college level essays that serve as evidence of analytical comprehension of subject matter. The long-term objective of the AP World History course is for students to further develop their analytical abilities in order to use a variety of perspectives so that they are better able to problem solve in the future. The course is the equivalent of 1 semester of college World History and is taught using curriculum designed for college level freshman.