Young Adult Transitional Program

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The Young Adult Transition Program (YATP) is a highly encouraged program that is available for students who have completed alternate assessment requirements at their local high school. Students of the YATP have opportunities to work toward their functional academic, vocational, daily living, recreation/leisure, social and self-care goals in both the classroom and community settings. Student goals are person-centered; with a focus related to transitioning to adult life.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the YATP is to prepare students enrolled in the program for their next step in adult life.

VALUES:  Person-centered, independence, self-determination, relationships, happiness

VISION:  Students leaving the YATP living a full and meaningful life as productive citizens




Meet Our Team


 Audrey Devine  PattiBeth Miller Sarah Stepp 
Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher Transition Coordinator


Related Service Providers

MaryBeth McLarty Jamie Jemtrud  Maria Bechard

 Occupational Therapist  

Physical Therapist

 Speech Therapist


Transition Resources

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Services

 Guardianship       OC Attorney 

SCL Waiver       SSI Application       Michelle P. Waiver



PHONE:  (502) 222-0131

FAX:  (502) 222-8195


Young Adult Transitional Program
Arvin Education Center
1650 Colonels Drive
La Grange, KY 40031


Audrey Devine: 

Sarah Stepp:


The YATP is committed to providing our students with a variety of volunteer worksite options, to build their skill set and resume. If your business would like to offer volunteer opportunities, contact us!



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