Last Updated: 2/1/2021 6:11 PM


OCMS Cheer operates as a traditional middle school cheerleading squad.  The
primary purpose of the team is to promote and provide school spirit by performing
at athletic events. All cheerleaders cheer games and pep rallies. 
A sub group chosen from the team competes in several competitions each year.

Eligibility:  Any interested student
   Prerequisites:  Tumbling - at least a cartwheel or round-off

Coaches: Beth Weber,
                Hayley Scott, Assistant Coach
                Emily Payton, Assistant Coach

Cost: $600-800 - fees cover practice clothes, shoes, bags, warm-ups, banquet fees,
         school athletic fee, skills camp and choreography camp

Gym Fees:  $70-80/ month paid to outside instructors

Tryouts: May

Season:  June-March

Practice:  2-3 days per week at OCMS
                Typically M, T & TH w/ games on some T/Th during football and basketball