A Day in the Life of a Colonel

Last Updated: 5/4/2019 8:39 PM

OCMS offers a diverse learning environment for its students.

In addition to core content classes, OCMS offers a wide variety of choices
and opportunities for students through Related Arts, R.E.P. and PRIDE.  

All students’ days include four content classes, two Related Arts classes and R.E.P or PRIDE.

Core Content

Language Arts            Math              Science             Social Studies

Related Arts

                                                                Art                                     Band                                   Careers
                                                      Choir                         Computer Science                      Health
                                          Independent Study                 Learning Lab                 Medical Detectives               
                                                 Organization                 Physical Education                    Spanish


Realizing Everyone’s Potential

R.E.P. classes met three times a week and is a time for our students to receive extra support
in a core class or be given the opportunity to try new things through our enrichment classes.

Positive ~ Resilience ~ Influence ~ Dependable ~ Effort

Every OCMS student and faculty member belong to a family.  These families meet twice a week during PRIDE. During this time, older students mentor younger students and all students receive social-emotional instruction including anti-bullying, conflict resolution, organizational skills and many other topics. Students stay with the same family all three years at OCMS.  As 8th graders move on, new 6th graders join the family.

We support the entire student -- academically, emotionally, and socially.