VLA Library Check Out

VLA students can now continue checking out their favorite books through our online service system!!

Step 1 - Visit bit.ly/LibraryVLA

Step 2 - Login using the following credentials

  • Username = First Initial, Middle Initial and Last Name (sometimes the middle initial is not required)
  • Password = Full Birthday with Slashes (ex. 02/18/2008)

Step 3 - Search our library catalog. (You can see what is in stock by availability on right hand side)

Step 4 - Once book is selected, click "HOLD IT" in the right hand corner

Step 5 - Book will be placed in the front office the following morning


Book Return - Place your books in the black bin located on the wooden bench (just outside the NOMS building). The bin will only be out during school hours of 8:15am - 3:45pm. Please do not leave any books on the bench or drop them off after hours.