All the Important Things

Our office hours are 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday. You MUST have an appointment if coming into the office for ANY reason. Please call us before heading to the school.


In order for students to get logged into their Infinite Campus, parents will need to make sure they have their 10-digit student ID. This ID number can be found on your Parent Portal. When having your student log in use:

Username = student ID; 
Password = First initial uppercase, last initial lowercase, and birthday in 6-digit form (ex. Hm081719) **IF this does not work, please try First initial uppercase, full last name lowercase, and birth year twice (ex. Hmiller20192019)

IF neither of these passwords will let your student login, please email Registrar, Heather Miller at


If your student is experiencing technical issues with their Chromebook, please click the link below to submit a Tech Support Ticket.
Chromebook/Tech Support


We will be following our usual policy for attendance. If your student will be absent from attending their classes for the entire day, please call the office to let us know. You will need to drop off either a parent or doctor's note at the school. Please utilize the lockbox located on the wooden bench just outside our building's front door.


There is a wealth of information regarding how to navigate through NTI on this site. Wednesdays: This day is reserved for students to finish work from Monday and Tuesday, contact teachers or contact their Counselor. If or when your student is needed in a small group on Wednesday, the teacher will provide them with an invite. If you do not receive this invite, there is nothing your student needs to do at this time. Please visit our website or click the link below to access our NTI Hub.


Please CLICK HERE to understand how we are running our Related Arts classes this year. Principal Daulton sent this out already, but it seems that some of you did not receive it or still have some questions. Hopefully this helps!


Please make sure your students are completing their work via Edgenuity NOT using our NTI Hub. VLA and NTI are completely independent and separate programs. Should you have any question regarding your VLA classes, please contact your VLA Advisor. Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer questions at the NOMS Office since the VLA program is operated through the Oldham County Board of Education.