Counselors' Corner

Last Updated: 5/3/2022 6:00 PM

East Oldham Middle School Counselors

Director Carrie May - 6th grade and 7th grade girls


picture of Carrie May


School Counselor Brandon Murphy - 7th grade boys and 8th grade

picture of Brandon Murphy


Mental Health Consultant Patrick Wagner

picture of Patrick Wagner


5th Grade Parent Night May 11 - Click the link below for important info!


For Students:

Arvin Center Info

OCHS Info-8th graders

SOHS Info - 8th graders

CAPPAA and the Arts Center Info


For Parents:

Operation Parent




Individual Counseling

As a school counselor, we will help check in with students to help them use strategies to conquer or cope with social/emotional needs.  Typically, our individual counseling sessions are geared toward self-management, decision making, social and self-awareness.

                                                      Picture of types of counseling sessions


Group Counseling

Group counseling teaches social conversation skills with a group of individuals whom all face similar concerns.  These sessions may include students with similar experiences and listening to others.  Group counseling provides a supportive environment to allow students to work toward their goals.  Topics are offered through the student Needs Assessment taken annually and occasionally created if a need surfaces.  Parent permission/opt out must be acquired for group participation.  Common topics include anxiety, social skills, and anger management.  


                                                            picture of group counseling


Classroom Guidance

Classroom Guidance is delivering developmentally appropriate content for each grade level.  Lessons are based on the student needs survey and state mandated awareness months.  In the future, the district plans to have a uniform curriculum that coincide with student needs.

August - Intro to Counselors/Needs Assessment

September - Suicide Prevention/Bullying Prevention

October - Drug Prevention/Awareness

November - Respect/Veterans

December - Naviance/Minute Meetings

January - Cultural Sensitivity/Acceptance

February - 8th Grade Visits - Dealing with Stress

March - Career Fair/Naviance

April - 5th Grade visits

May - Needs Assessment/Minute Meetings


Anxiety Support for Parents and Teens

Sleep -


The Teenage Brain


Mental Health Consultant

Patrick Wagner is the District employed Mental Health Consultant assigned to East Oldham.  He is a tremendous resource for mental Health at East.   Patrick is a licensed LCSW who is our liaison for outside agencies (therapist, psychiatrists, hospitals, etc) and referrals to those outside providers.  He also takes on the role of our behavioral health specialist for crisis situations, and consultant for all things social, emotional, and behavioral.