About Our School

Last Updated: 12/27/2019 3:36 PM

Oldham County Preschool is designed to meet the needs of all children by implementing the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards as well as addressing individual student needs. We believe that families are the primary teachers of children and that the design of our program must recognize and support the strengths of the families.   We support the philosophy and principles of active learning, positive adult-child interactions, a child-friendly learning environment, and a consistent daily routine.

Mission Statement:

In partnership with family and community, Oldham County Preschool will surround the whole child with a safe, rigorous, and rich environment with intentional opportunities for learning, exploration, and discovery. 

Statement of Beliefs:

The following are beliefs held by preschool staff and parents about the Oldham County Preschool program.

  • Staff and parents work together to help children and families develop a high level of self-esteem.
  • Staff and parents strive to assist children in social and emotional development.
  • Staff recognizes and accepts diverse family backgrounds, beliefs and needs and strives to support the family in achieving long-term success of the child.
  • Staff and parents work together to help children acquire academic and social skills in order for them to meet future demands and become enthusiastic life long learners.
  • Each staff member reflects the program's beliefs about children and families and knows that she/he is a vital and important contributing member of the team serving children.
  • Staff ensures that the program is highly flexible in its developmentally appropriate curriculum and provides a safe, friendly environment in which children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • Staff ensures that the program provides diverse opportunities for learning that address the individualized special needs of all children.
  • Staff and parents work together to involve the entire community in the learning process of children and families.